Why is the color of the sky blue

When our eyes go to the sky, then the blue sky raises questions in our minds that why the color of the sky is blue. So today we will know why the color of the sky is blue.

Why is the color of the sky blue
Why is the color of the sky blue

Reason behind blue sky

The rays coming out of the sun are the main role we see in the sky blue. The light that comes out of the sun is white, it consists of seven colors, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, purple color. It can be seen in the timing of the rainbow or with the help of the prism. When the white ray of the sun passes through the atmosphere of the Earth, it collides with various particles and molecules present in the air. From this collision, different color or wavelength of white light (Wavelength) is shattered, which is also called scattering of light.

The blue color whose wavelength is small is the worst, whereas the red color of the wavelength is long, so it shorter. This scattering is called rayleigh scattering.

Thus, when the sun’s radiation passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and the sun is high in the sky, the blue light spreads around the atmosphere, from which the sky is visible to us blue.

But what if we see the sky from space? Does this space also appear blue?
The answer is no. The sky does not look sky from the sky because there is neither the atmosphere nor the illuminated light which has reached our eyes. If we see the sky from the sky, it will look black.

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