What are communication skills

Communication skills

Communication skills – In this post on the communication skills you will learn what communication skills are, their importance, and the procedure for acquiring them. After reading this unit you will be able to:

a)Understand the true nature of communication skills.
b)Use the opportunity in the environment to improve your communication skills on a daily basis.

 Importance of acquiring communication skills

Communication skills, you all know, is very important for your survival in the modern world. It is necessary for the purpose of better study and education, getting good jobs and being successful in whatever be the job, winning social respect and for better relationship at home as well as at home and office.
You all know that company’s conduct tests and also interviews to test candidate’s communication skills in addition to the subject knowledge. Any entrance exam to a higher institute either in India or abroad contains tests in assessing your communication skills.

In daily life I am sure you appreciate a person who is better in his communication. In brief, People who are better in communication skills have more opportunities for success in life. I am sure you are all interested in improving your communication skills.

What are communication skills

Communication is defined many ways and no one definition is complete. Each definition conveys a particular point of view. But each of them can only contain a partial view of this dynamic process of communication. To acquire good communication skills, it is important to a complete and full picture of communication skills.
Read the following statements, which attempt to define ‘communication say if you would agree or disagree with each of the statements about communication. Write one or two sentences in support of your view whether you agree or disagree. As human beings each one of us has a particular view of communication skills. Think deeply and use your own thoughts and feelings to answer these questions.

Communication skills means the ability to express our view and understand others views.
•Communication means exchanging view through language or body language.
•Development of communication skill involves improvement of language ability.
•Language alone is not enough for effective communication. It means personality development.
You must have thought about communication in many ways. Communication, in fact, is a sum total of all the ideas contaminated in these definitions and not just any of them in isolation. It is both language and personality development.
Communication failures take place not only because of knowing the language but also due to several reasons related to one’s personality. Courage, Confidence, logical thinking and several other aspects of personality are also important in communication. Sense of humors is another aspect which helps during the communication process. Most of you would agree that you like listening to a teacher who is jovial and has a sense of humors. Don’t you? Therefore it is not only improving language but it is an improvement of several personality traits.

How to learn communicate?

In the previous section you learnt what communication skill is. Now you need to reflect on how to improve your communication skills. Just as there are partial views of what is communication, there are incomplete views about how to improve communication. Some might think that they should improve their language (grammar/vocabulary/sentence structures) to improve communication. Some others may believe that improving their spoken ability alone is enough to improve communication. There is also a view that communication would automatically improve without consciously doing anything about it. Let us discuss some of these view point to helping you decide on a correct path to improve communication. After reading this section you should be able plan your own self-activities to improve your communication skills.
Now go through the list of activities given below. Read them carefully and think how useful each one of them is for improving communication skill.

1.Reading books

2.Reading newspapers, magazines

3.Listening to news channels

4.Listening to news on radio

5.Improving vocabulary

6.Learning grammar

7.Watching serials on TV

8.Speaking in the language in a variety of situations

9.Improving pronunciation

10.Improving body language

11.Improving dressing styles

12.Logical thought process

13.Developing a sense of humors

14.Making use of a dictionary

15.Reading books on communication skills

Well, as communication is a skill, one can acquire it only by practice. There is no other way to improve writing than to communication in real life. Communication can take place through speech, writing, and body language. Listening and reading are also acts of communication. Therefore in the list of activities mentioned above all the activities are useful in some way or the other. But the degree of usefulness differs. One would waste time if he pursues the ‘not so useful’ activities. He is likely to profit if he know which are the ‘useful’ and the ‘very useful activities. Once you decide on these aspects you can profit by doing the right things to achieve good skills in communication.

Certain does to improve communication skills

This section aims at arriving at a checklist to follow while improving our communication skills. This will be very useful to improving communication skills in less time. It is certainly useful to follow a systematic procedure rather than all sorts of unplanned activities for developing communication skills without much of our time being wasted.
First of all you should develop a strong desire to improve your communication skills. For this purpose you should know why you need to improve and what kind of communication skills you need to improve.
Because there nothing as one kind of a communication skill for all. Hotel receptionists need communication skills different from that of an air hostess. This is true of each and every profession and walk of life.

Secondly you should know what to do to improving the kind of communication skills that you want to develop.
Thirdly, you should sincerely practice the different activities that you have thought useful for this purpose. Unlike other subjects communication skills cannot be directly learnt from a teacher, a dictionary or a book. This needs more practice than mere reading about it. You need to practice talking to people in many situations whenever there is an opportunity. Listening is also very important in communication. Analyze your own listening traits and try to improve your listening ability consciously. It will be a useful activity to take notes while listening to TV, radio or even lecture.

This is an effective way of improving your listening. In addition to speaking and listening you should also read any book or other materials including newspapers, magazines. Writing is also very important. In the world of IT revolution, writing is becoming more and more important. It is important to write short sentences, paragraphs etc., on a daily basis and improve gradually. Finally, Communication is a skill. It needs practice.

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