How do SEO

How do SEO, any digital marketing people should know. That person will be able to do online marketing properly. Means, if he does any online business. Whether it is blogging or an e-commerce website. So what is he doing with SEO? It must be aware of it. Only then will he have success in his career. Because the relation of sleep comes on the direct ranking. Who got to know about it He will become the king in the search engine. And wear the crown of the rankings.

How do SEO

New bloggers want to increase traffic to your blog. But he will also know this. SEO is a quantity way to bring traffic to the blog. That’s why they would first like to learn SEO. That’s why I will tell for beginners today. What is SEO and how do SEO? Bloggers need specialization (search engine optimization). Because, he wants to bring a visitor to his blog. End of course would want to earn from high traffic. But Friends, what is seo before you? Must teach.

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What is SEO?

S.E.O. The Long Form of Search Engine Optimization Actually one such way is By using that we can get our website high rank. Search engines such as Google Bing Yahoo work on an algorithm. That’s called SEO itself. Everyday millions of webpages are submitted to Google. And very web pages are also publicized on the same topic. But now let’s be given a high rank. That’s why SEO’s algorithm was started. Different search engines have large supercomputers. Which we can call Googlebots, spiders, robots. They’ve stored those algorithms. With the help of which they are easily crawling, indexing work addresses.

Developer and Blogger have to learn the same algorithm. Only then will they be able to give their website high rank in the search engine. At the moment, you have to explain this. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique and process that we can use to get high rank for any web page and blog. What is search engine optimization? How to apply and how to apply it should be kept. Then your blog can not stop anyone from getting top positions.

Why is SEO important for Blog?

I hope, you have understood about SEO correctly. Now the main issue is why it is necessary to sleep for the blog. I tried to tell you at the top point. Kher! still. You may know How much competition is it on the internet? If you publish a post So there are lots of web pages on the Internet already on the same topic. And if we have to leave them behind In the mean search result, no.1 should be replaced. So SEO has to follow. If any blog or website is ranked. Then search engine optimization will have to follow. There are only three words in listening to SEO. But it will take a lot of time to understand.

How do SEO?

There are lots of terms and techniques in search engine optimization. Understanding which one should understand in a day. But there is no scary thing. Go ahead and understand all gradually. Everyone feels very difficult in the beginning. Basically, there are two types of search engine optimization – on-page optimization and second-of-page optimization.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing single pages of your blog. Single pages means the post of our blog. Whatever content will be written in a post. Optimize it according to the search engine. Like using headings in the article. Choosing the right focus keyword and place it in your post properly. Make the image as SEO friendly by putting the Alt tag on the image. And most importantly this happens. The keyword which is the most searched for. Select it and make it in Title Heading Description in your post. Due to which Google will understand our article. Mentioned what point in the article. It will know about. And they will rank us. If you want to learn about on-page Follow the link.

Off-page SEO

Off page SEO, we have to work outside of the website. We only optimized the post from the meaning page. But the off-page whole website has to be optimized. Simply in this type you will have to take care of your site’s reputations. For which to create profiles on social media Promoting your website, can only call it (social media marketing) . Commenting on other popular blogs. This makes our reputations very good. The end search engine gives us the value. And it also ranks us Back-links are the most important in off-page optimization. Links to our site are present on another site It only takes back-link. Who will have more high quality back-link. He will be given the same high rank.

But first we need to apply the on page. Because first we write content only. If the content will not be of high quality. Then what rank will you get? That’s why first you focus on your content. Follow him by following the on-page seo. And then you can learn about off-page optimization.

My Last word about the SEO based post

I hope friends, what is  seo? You have understood If you still have any questions then So, you can ask and comment below. I will answer your question in


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