Earn from adsense

How much money blogger can earn from adsense?

Earn from adsense – This question generally asked from everyone who is related to online earning. In this post I will share my experiences about google adsense earning.

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earn from adsense
Earn from adsense

Google adsense is one of the favorite online earning platforms for blogger. Before stat earning from adsense every one thinks first about how much he/she can earn from adsense. So let us calculate earnings from adsense.

Adsense earning factors

Your Adsense earning depends on four important factors which are described below.

  1. Blog content
  2. Ad serving quality
  3. Traffic quality
  4. CPC rates

Let me describe these Adsense earning factors in detail

How blog Content affects when you earn from adsense?

blog Content affects when you earn from adsense
blog Content affects when you earn from adsense

Your blog content quality is one of the biggest factors using adsense or adsense alternative. Google adsense works with the help of AdWords. If you are using high quality keywords, served ads by adsense will be high paying.

You should understand, on the internet everything have a value depends on the user’s interest.

If served contents are much helpful to high quality keywords, it will be high earning from adsense.

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Specific adsense ad-unit placement

The interrelation ad-unit is very important. It is not so difficult; you should care your web page space. If your blog have enough space to place adsense ad-unit, you can metalize you blog.

Adsense earning also depends on the size of ad-unit. Large ads much earn from adsense then small.

Traffic quality

Traffic quality effects the earning from adsense. Blog’s traffic quality depends on two main factors first is Location and second is traffic type.

Let me talk about Location, Traffic location includes the resign from where our blog is visited. This time U.S traffic is most valuable.

Second is traffic type in this section we understand from which medium visitors comes. You can simply judge by google analytics. When a visitor comes at your blog google analytics shows the traffic medium to judge earn from adsense. It may be direct, organic, referral or social. Social and referral traffic type is highest paying.

judge earn from adsense
judge earn from adsense

What are CPC rates?

CPC stands for cost per click. CPC includes all of above factors and google internal algorithms. Google algorithm also cares about website rank, page rank like factors. If you earn from adsense or other adsense alternative then CPC is valuable in all cases.

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