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C++ Language

C++ Language : Strictly Speaking, it is a super set of C. Almost every correct statement in C is also a correct statement in C++. Although the reserve is not true. The most important element added to C to create C++ are concerned with classes, object, and object oriented programming.C++ was originally called as “C with classes” .
However,C++ and many other new features as well, including an improved back approach to input/output(I/O) and a new way to write comments. In fact, the particle differences between C and C++ are larger than you might think. Although you can write a program in C++ that looks like a program in C, hardly anyone does.C++ programs not only make use of the new features of C++, they also emphasized the traditional C features in different proportion that do C programmers.
C++ is a general purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming that
1- C++ is better than C.
2- C++ supports data abstraction
3- C++ supports object-oriented programming
4- C++ supports generic programming

Starting of C++ Language

C++ begins as an expended version of C. The C++ extensions where first invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. He initially called the new language”C with Classes”. However, in 1983 the name was changed to C++.
Although C was one of the most liked and widely used professional programming language in the world, the invention of C++ was necessitated by one major programming factor increasing complexity. over the Years, computer programs have become larger and more complex.
Even through C is an excellent programming language, it has its limits. In C, Once a program exceed from 25,000 to 100,000 lines of code , it becomes so complex that it it is difficult to grasp as a totality .
The purpose of C++ is to allow this barier to be broken. The essence of C++ is to allow the programmer to comprehend and manage larger, more complex programs.
Most additions made by Stroustrup to C support object-oriented programming, sometimes referred to as OOP. Stroustrup states that some of C++’s objected-oriented features were inspired by another object-oriented language called Simula67. Therefore , C++, represents the blending of two powerful programming methods.

Development of C++ Language

Since, C++ was first invented; it has undergone three major revisions, with each adding to and altering the language . The first revision was in 1985 and the second in 1990. The third occurred during the standardization of C++.
Several years ago work began on a standard for C++. Toward that end, a joint ANSI(American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Standards Organization) standardization committee was formed. The first draft, the ANSI/ISO C++ committee kept the features first defined by Strustrup and added some new ones as well But in general , this initial draft reflected the state of C++ at the time.
Soon after the completion of the first draft of the c++ standers, an event occurred that caused the language to be greatly expended :the creation of the Slandered Template Library(STL) by Alexander Step now. The STL is a set of generic routines that you can use to manipulated data. It is both powerful and elegant, but also quite large. Subsequent to the first draft, the committee voted to include the STL in the specification for C++. The addition of the STL expended the scope of C++ well beyond its original definition . While important of the STL, among other things, slowed the standardization of C++.
It is fair to say that the standardization of C++ took far longer than anyone had expected when it began. In fact, the version of C++ defined by the C++ committee is much larger and more complex that Stroustrup’s original design.
However, the standards is now complete. The final draft was passed out of committee on November 14, 1997. A slandered C++, including all of the newest features.This is the vision of c++ created by the ANSI/ISO standardization committee, and it is the one that is currently accepted by all major compilers.

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