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About us

speechus technology
Praveen Kumar (Speechus founder)

This website(speechus.com) is developed by me(Praveen kumar) to help science and technology students.
I believe in serving quality education. In coming days I will serve more topics. I am working hard to make a faithful path in internet world and online education.

I am basically a software developer but I love bkogging.

In coming days I will open career option, you can join us professionally.

We are very happy to serve online education. If anyone visit our website and uses our services we fell very well.
Using my services

It is important to tell you about our website structure. We focused to provide maximum knowledge so I will increase our topics.

My next target
My next target is to publish more topics that you will enjoy to read. I am continuing to working for our audience. Some topics may not caught by search engines but you can directly access.

Currently I are providing online contents as web pages. After popularity we will serve mobile app.


Contact us

Address: Contact name- Praveen kumar, Vill- Bagahi(Khurd), Post-Saiyadraja, Dist- Chandauli, State- Uttar Pradesh, Country- India, Pin- 232110

Website: speechus.com

Contact No: +91-7355661478

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e-mail: admin@speechus.com

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g-mail: speechususer@gmail.com